Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Givenchy FW 2008.....I will forever be inspired by this look in particualr! Givenchy in 2008 however had an amazing year....every collection from SS to FW to the Haute Couture was just absolutely amazing.

This look that Anabela Belikova is wearing is by far my fav though in this collection! Its simple, minimal and complex in this intrigueing subtle way. I love clothes that i guess in a way, cover the whole body, in this conservative way but when you look at them, its actually so much more appealing, and hot than if a woman was wearing a dress or a top with her breasts bulging out and a short skirt.....EWWWW haha not a good look!

I just love masculin feminine combinations in every way, and this i think is a great representation of that


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